Friday, 17 August 2012

Stamp Clubs!

Are you like me and have a list as long as your arm of crafty goodies you want but can't afford it all at once?  Would you like 'free' money to spend in the Stampin' Up! catalogues?  They why not join my Stamp Club?

The members of the group commit to spend a minimum amount each month which together totals £150 - the magic number for a hostess party!!  Each person in turn gets to be the hostess for this party and has an extra £25 (or more!) to spend on either the special hostess stamp sets or anything else at all in the catalogues.  Of course you can spend more than your minimum and you can collect orders from friends in your hostess month to boost your party income, earning you more to spend.

All Stamp Club members receive free catalogues during the club term - so this will be the Autumn Winter Catalogue AND the brand new Annual Catalogue due out on the 1st October (worth over £6 in total)  You may possibly get the Spring/Summer one too!!

How much will it cost?  That's up to you!  There are 3 options:

A)  Stampers 10 - Spend a minimum of £15 plus postage for 10 months. (need 10 people before we can go)
B)  Stampers 6 - Spend a minumum of £25 plus postage for 6 months. (needs 6 people)
C)  Stampers Quarterly - Spend a minumum of £37.50 plus postage in October, January, April and July. (needs 4 people)

Postage will be based on the number of people in the group to cover postage to me plus whatever it costs to post it to you. So for Stampers 10 this will be 50p min, Stampers 6 is 83p min and stampers Quarterly is £1.25

As soon as we have enough members we can get going - so what are you waiting for?!

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