Thursday, 26 July 2012

New baby set

I was looking through my SD card trying to make more room on it to take photos of my son decked out in his scout uniform and kilt for an amazing trip to Switzerland and came across some cards I've not shown you.  These are pre-Stampin' Up! demo status and use lots of non-SU stuff.  I don't see the point of throwing it away when it's still good stuff.  But, I'll replace it with SU stuff which is so easy to use as it's all colour co-ordinated for you!

This was a set of digi print Thank You cards in a giftbag for my daughter's teacher who was leaving to have a baby last year, with a co-ordinating card.  Digi files are so easy to use, especially when you want many of the same design.

This one is a cross between a bit of digi with the fireplace, some old papers and decoupage'd doggies.  The brief for this was a christmas card with a scottie and westie dog on.  I'd had these decoupage sheets for ages so it was great being able to use them at last!

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  1. Lovely cards Elin - the wee Scottie dogs are so cute