Monday, 30 July 2012

Happy 70th Birthday!

I don't know if you're aware but when you sign up to be a demonstrator you sign up under an existing demo who becomes your upline. 

Me and my upline Maggie go back a few years now.  We got together through a scrapbooking forum and I became her adoptive 'mummy' to help her learn the forum and anything else relating to scrapping as she was new to it.  It also helped that she lives relatively close to me.  Fast forward and here we are - she's my 'mummy' in relation to Stampin' Up!  She's there and helps me with all aspects of being a demo - how to fill in forms, when we can order things etc.  She sent me a beautiful gift a couple of weeks ago of patterened paper samples - a great tool for me to use at workshops, classes and parties (I will show it to you at a later date so you can oggle at all the pretty papers!)

What I hadn't quite realised is what a great 'family' I was also signing up under with the Tartan Stampers!  Maggie's upline, my 'Grannie' (Sorry Dawn!) looks after all of her brood and we all chat, and share inspiration.  We have our own trainings - we have a sold out one coming up at the end of September that I can't wait for.  We even have our own mini conventions too - a retreat centering round Stampin' Up! and fun.

These are all fun benefits of joining Stampin' Up! as a demonstrator and come in addition to the discounted supplies for yoruself and the chance to earn not only some extra money but incentive trips like the one just announced to the Western Carribean in 2014!

How can you say no to all that?!  Contact me and I can be your 'Stampin' Up! mummy'!  I will help you choose your starter kit and fill in the forms. 

I can't leave you without a card to see - another oldie off my SD card.  It's only when I look back like this I can see actually how many orders I actually do!  A pretty 70th Birthday card using peg stamps in delicate colours.  I love these stamps as you don't have to worry about placement or overlapping.

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