Friday, 30 March 2012

Look at all this free stuff!!

It was my turn to host our 'informal' stampers hostess group (the last of our agreement) and so I got to choose my free hostess gifts!

If you host a party where the total sales come to £150 or more you get to choose free stamp sets - some of which are only available to the hostess!

These are the ones I chose - I got 4!! (and some money off a punch that is still on it's way!)  The other is my free Sale-a-braition set which was earned by spending £45 in the catalogue before the end of March!

If you want to earn free goodies like these you can do this in several ways:

* Host a party with some of your friends.  I will come along and demonstrate some techniques and everyone gets to make a card too!

* Host a virtual party where we don't actually get together but you can collect orders from your friends.

* Join my Stampers 10 Group whereby 10 people sign up to spending £15 plus postage every month for 10 months.  Each person gets to be the virtual hostess one month so you can choose your free gifts.  This is a great way to get everything on your wishlist by spreading the costs and you don't need to know the other 10 people on the list either!

* Splurge and spend £150 or more yourself!

If you want any more details about any of these options don't forget to drop me a line!

Now I'm off to play with all my new stamps and punches!

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