Sunday, 22 May 2011

Happy 21st!



The fantastic Ann Prescott who makes beautiful quilts, cushions and other fabric crafts to sell at Ayrshire Arts & Crafts ordered 21st birthday cards for her children.  James is fanatical about a computer game (can’t remember which one as it’s too old for my kids to play!) and so I based the card on that.


21st birthday boy


Anne found it very easy to choose one for Rachel as she’d seen the patchwork cards on my my website! Very apt as that’s Ann’s expertise! I personalised it by putting ‘Rachel is 21’ round the happy birthday in the corner.


21st birthday girl

I had an email from Ann the other day saying they were delighted with the cards – especially James. Smile

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  1. My son would love that card-it's his fav game too!