Thursday, 31 March 2011

Is everyone ready for Mother's Day?

Sunday here in the UK is Mothers Day. The day we should be spoilt rotten with breakfast in bed, no cooking to do, and generally treated like a Queen for the day. Mmm won't be happening in my house although I admit, it's all my own doing. I've got a craft fair booked on Saturday and Sunday here at the new Scottish Art, Craft & Design Centre at Valley International Park, Lanarkshire. Come along and get the kids to treat you from the multitude of beautiful hand crafted gifts that will be available.

Then when I get back on Sunday night I will just have time to sit down, relax for 1/2 an hour before going out for a girlie night!! I can't wait as I've not been out (apart from kids clubs!) for ages. Although, does Friday count - me and my daughter are off to see Mama Mia!

I should be safe showing you these cards as the recipients are not computer users generally, and there's no chance my mum will see it as she's sunning herself on holiday!


  1. Gorgeous cards Elin
    And sounds like a busy weekend. Have fun at Mama Mia

  2. yep I reckon Friday counts! enjoy yourselves, lucky you ,sounds fun :)