Sunday, 6 February 2011

Has love dissapeared into the clouds?

After having made the Valentines cards I was surprised to see that hardly anyone looked at them even though they were prominently displayed. The chocolate guys next to me didn't seem to do well with their yummy champagne chocolate hearts either. People were buying but not the lovey dovey stuff. A couple of us traders decided that maybe the people at the craft fair wern't the best target for such items - we were all far too old! Could it be that valentines is more for the kids, teens and those not yet married? It seems that after a few years of married life it's a case of 'I've caught him and I'm sure no-one else would have him so I'll not bother'! LOL

Oh well, never mind. I'll have the pick of the cards for one for my other half!

I'm back painting murals tomorrow so I thought I'd show you one or 2 more photos of the last one I did. Have you noticed I've added a tab at the top of my blog for you to see the mural pictures all in one place?

These are from what we now know as the Garden Room! There are a couple of free hand trees, flowers etc. The Manager was really excited when I said she could have a strawberry as her daughter loved them. :) So I gave it to the snail for his lunch!

Even before the room was finished the staff told me one of the girls using the house was fascinated with the bird house, trying to put her hand in the hole in the middle. Little things like that really make it worthwhile. Tomorrow there are rainbows, monkeys, balloons, helecopters, cars and horrid Henry on the list. Which reminds me, I shold have gone for more red paint today. Oops!


  1. I used to do this in my kids bedrooms. My family always wanted me to do it as a job but nah. I never make Valentines cards they NEVER sell. I only make one Valentine card now and its done for this year lol.

    Fab mural

    Ali x

  2. Wow these are amazing!!