Monday, 31 January 2011

Anyone there?!

It's a bit echo-ey round here. Sorry. I've not been crafting much - my mojo was lost which isn't good when I had a long list of things I wanted to make for the stall! Then I was asked to go back to Ardfin to paint murals in the bedrooms.

I was introduced to them a few years ago by my neighbour who suggested me for a mural they wanted painting in the hallway. I'm afraid I went a little mad and painted Nemo, Dorey, Rainbow fish, great big octopi, little mermaids etc along with hundreds of little fish! If you go onto their virtual tour on the website you can see part of it! I've been back several times now to paint the fence outside (not the mural on their virtual tour I hasten to add!), living room, afterschool club and now the bedrooms. I'll show you the photos of the other rooms later.

For now these are the pictures from the 'in the air' bedroom. I really love how the dragon came out. I used Dustin Pike's Dragon and floating monkey - I couldn't help it as they were perfect for a kids' bedroom.

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