Sunday, 5 December 2010

That's it. The last of the craft fairs for the year. There's been fantastic ones, good ones and OK ones. After Christmas I can review everything, decide what to make, what not to, where to go, where not to as well as the dreaded tax forms to get ready for. But before all that there are commissions to finish, school costumes to finish and christmas to get ready for!!
Thought I'd leave the crafters among you some photos of my stall set up yesterday. I know I appreciate photos like this to help me with set ups etc. I treated myself to a double stall too! :D

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  1. Your stall looks very well laid out and eyecatching. I bet you are breathing a huge sigh of relief now that your fairs and markets are finished and you can look forward to Christmas. Well done on braving the cold and thank you for showing me your lovely stall.