Friday, 12 November 2010

More Money Wallets

I made some money wallets for an order last week, a rather large number of them and thought I'd see what they went like on the stall. Well they went too quickly! lol, I shouldn't complain but that meant I had to make some replacements for the stall and some for the order. That was today's task. I have a nice pile for the stall, and Kate yours are put aside!

I love creating and don't tire of it but sometimes you can end up in a groove (not quite a rut) when creating many of something on the same day. I'll start for example making cute wallets and then find it difficult to switch to elegant ones. It's much easier to change to cute cards, notebooks etc then do the elegant ones another day. Is anyone else like that?

Any take your fancy?


  1. That's clever, I have seen loads of cards but not seen any money wallets on a blog before. Really grateful you invited me to follow your blog xxx