Thursday, 18 November 2010

Journal Jar Gift

Think of all the questions you would have liked to ask your grandma or grandad about their lives - what they played in the playground, what on earth they saw in their spouse, what their wedding was like. How about what they did in their first job, what was Christmas like for them, what did they think when they first became parents? It may be too late to ask them those questions but it's not too late for you to start recording your answers for your grandchildren and great grandchildren!

A journal jar is just what you need to help you get started in writing it all down. Each day pull out a wee strip of paper from the jar and write the question into the book or even paste it in. Then just waffle an answer! It could be a one liner or could take 3 pages to answer, it's up to you! By the time you've answered the whole jar you have a potted history of little interesting facts all about you!
I'm not sure why but this year journal jars have taken off like wildfire! You get the jar of over 100 questions and the notebook. I've got a set of questions for married people with children and a set for 'young, free and singles'. I'm thinking of doing 'part 2' sets and other sets for children to spark their imaginations for stories etc.


  1. Elin
    Our son bought us journals last year and we liked them so much that we bought them for Dereks Dad and my Mum - Chris then surprised me on mothers day with one for favourite recipes - I like your's better as it's less structured - keep on crafting - loving the blog too - keeping the 4th free - hope to get down and see you and bring mum!!

  2. What a wonderful idea and such a super way to keep memories safe and secure to look back on and smile xxx