Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I am still here!

Honest! Problem is a lot of what I'm crafting is orders for people for christmas so I can't show you them without giving the secrets away! It does however mean I'll have lots to show you after christmas - or even for next year!

What I can show you is these post it notes. At last I've been able to use my new toy to cut something out. I bought an ecraft machine in October to replace my old craft robo that had dementia!! For the un-papercrafty of you, both of these machines are similar to printers but instead of printing a picture they cut out! It's fantastic (when they work!) to be able to easily cut out shapes or words any size you want rather than have to laboriously hand cut them with a scalpel blade! The ecraft is new out and still has lots of blips I have now discovered. However, I followed some advice and changed the blade so now I can cut from the cartridge that comes with it. I just need to find time to download the new software onto the other computer to try that out and we should be much further on!

The flower shapes were cut on the ecraft - could you imagine trying to cut them out by hand?! I used to!

7 Fairs down, 6 fairs to go! If you're about Coatbridge on Satruday pop into Coatbridge High for their craft fair, and My most favourite school ever, St Patricks in Troon are having their amazing Christmas Fair in the Walker Hall on Sunday from 12.30 to 3 - please come and support us. I'll have my stall there and Santa is coming! The school choirs are singing - lead by Miss Gallagher. I also hear one of our fantastic old staff members is coming to judge the Christmas Card competition too!

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  1. What a lovely idea to present post-it notes like this. Thank you for sharing with me xxx