Thursday, 30 September 2010

Poop! (snowman poop!)

What happens when the snowman has had your soup?  He needs to go poop!  And reindeers leave edible poop - you did know that didn't you?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

One for the Boys

Found the cards for the boys that I was talking about the other day.  I still can't believe I've not shown you these as they sold really well!  These are the pirate ones. 

It was fun making the backgrounds for the pirate on the island - a bit different to usual.

PS did you know it's 87 days to Chirstmas!  Let the countdown begin!

Monday, 27 September 2010

One or two for the little girls

Shopping the other day with Karen, I came across these cute Fifi the flower tot decorations.  They were ideal for the front of some larger cards for little girls.  Up to now it was images for boys that I found - I don't think I've posted pictures fo them yet so I may dig them out to show you.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Snowman soup time again!

The soups and poops factory has been in production again at Elin's Cards - which reminds me, no, the baby factory isn't here! lol I had a few strange looks after the last post!  Serves you all right for only reading the title!:P 

Anyway, back to soups!  The marshmallows were in the shops as were the candy canes so it's time for making snowman soup!  I had sent for mini candy canes but when they arrived 20 out of the 40 were broken!  So of course they'll be going back. I fancied a change from last years packaging and went for a cute snowman from a cd from chamelion card craft.  The images are so cute and you'll see lots of items using them coming along in the next week or 2!  I made over 100 of these last year - guesses please on how many for this.  I'm starting conservatively at 20.   First time out for these is on Saturday at the Ayrshire Arts & Crafts Fair - as usual between 11 and 4.30 in the Concert hall, Troon.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Baby on the Way!

This one was to be given to a lady leaving to have a baby boy.  That one left me scratching my head for a bit!  I eventually found a download that was perfect for what I wanted!  I decoupage'd the mum to be and cot and then used blue stickles to glitz it up a bit.  I can't remember where the download is from - if I find it I'll come and update here.  If you need to know then give me a shout and I'll investigate sooner!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Thank you

Our Parent Council Chair was stepping down recently so I made the thank you card - well I wasn't going to buy one was I!!!  Jennifer's done a fab job and I wish she was able to continue - mainly because I've had to take her place! lol  This one uses the butterfly stamp set from stampin up and the co-ordinating butterfly punch.  If you're looking for a Stampin up dempnstrator to but your stamps, inks, papers etc from I can highly reccomend Maggie - she's fab and runs some amazing classes in Largs.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

It was my dad's birthday at the end of august so of course I had to make him a card.  I went for a simple one as this seems to be my phase at the moment.  Funny how you do that - go from a simple phase to very complicated cards for a while before going back to simple again.  I've also noticed that I seem to show a lot of cards on my blog rather than the 3d items yet I spend much more of my time making the 3d stuff.  Maybe that's because I've shown lots of them and I'm just repeatingly making the same things for the stall - they may be in different colours but basically the same.

I warn you, Christmas is coming so there maybe a few cards and gifts on the way!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Just trying something...

I've been jumping between a couple of emails addresses to log into things, using one for everything but another for just one or 2 things. I think I've just worked out how to post on my blog using the main email so I'm just testing! It will mean no more logging out of google, logging into blogger and then visa versa when I come out!

I suppose I should show you something while I'm here! Lets see what I can find.
Here's a just moved card. It's actually for the mum and dad of the baby girl I told you about the other day. They moved house shortly before she was born. Marliegh is doing well by the way, the proud grandma showed me some gorgeous photos last night at my dance class. I can't wait for her to be big enough to come home and visit us all! While making this one I also made a matching one for the dance teacher's sister with the word 'again!' added to the bottom! Apparently she moves a lot! lol

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Birthday Card for Canada.

Another order - this time for a nephew living in Canada, originally from Scotland who owns a Scottie (the white one) and a Westie (the black one).  With a remit like that there's only one way to go - tartan and dogs even though I find tartan very predictable and 'twee'.  As it's leaving the country I made myself use it! lol.  The dogs are decoupaged and sit either side of the birthday banner.  You can't see too well from the photo but the tartan and birthday banner were mounted on gold card

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ruby Anniversary

I'm getting into these 'white on white' type cards.  I look frequently at the fabulous cards on Ali's blog but never actually get round to having a go.  When I did, I loved the effect in real life too!  I decided to use the effect for a ruby anniversary cards I had an order for.  Lots of using the cuttlebug, layering and a touch of colour.  The butterfly in the corner is my new Martha Stewart punch!

Hope you like it!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Nothing like a new baby to make you go Aaahhh.

I love hearing about new babies and this one was no exception!  Although for her sake I would rather she was still cosy and warm in her mummy's tummy for now!  Marleigh Jane arrived 10 weeks early, being a very bigh surprise for everyone!  She is doing well though according to her proud grandma Sharon.  I can't wait to see her in person.

New babies of course mean new baby cards - as I was making one from me I phoned our other friend at check she wanted one made from her too.  'Of course' was the answer, along with one for Grandma and Aunty Victoria!  I tried to make all the cards co-ordinate by using the same colours and patterned papers but different by using different stamps and styles.  I think I managed it - what do you think:

The images were coloured using my promarkers - got to love those things, although I need to remedy the fact that my mum has more than me! :D

Friday, 10 September 2010

11 Today - twice!

As my son is now 11 it also follows that lots of the boys in his class are too!  Rather than re-invent the wheel I'll often use the same design over in a different colour scheme.  The blue one was for my boy, and the green for his celtic fan friend.  The numbers were traced and cut out before stamping over the footballs and the elephant stamped, coloured, cut and mounted.

Another fair tomorrow - the Ayrshire Arts & Crafts one at the Concert Hall, Troon from 11 to 4.  This is the last of the year without lots of christmas items on sale on my stall!  Mairi will be there - not sure if there's any daleks left as she sold most of them last week but she's a quick knitter! :D  I'm looking forward to choosing the cotton for her to knit me a chick doorstop - there's a little chick like the one I want on her blog here

Friday, 3 September 2010

Crafty Critters Fair Tomorrow!

If you're in the area pop into the Crafty Critters First Craft Fair in Shawlands Kirk, behind the Granery pub, Glasgow.  The lovely Mairi and her daleks will be there too!  Then next week is Ayrshire Arts & Crafts at the Walker Hall, Troon.  Busy Busy, must get busy!