Thursday, 10 June 2010

Stop the World - Please!

I need 48 hour days lately!!  Either that or I must learn to not stretch myself too thinly.  Who am I kidding!  I always will so I need the 48 hour days!

For a long time I have secretly followed Helen's blog - It's All Fiddle Fart .  She has some fabulous ideas and I get so much inspiration from it.  She makes the most amazing newspaper headline cards, each being taylor made for the recipient.  I have wanted to have a go at making one for myself for ages but have not got round to making the template.  But now I have and should have done ages ago!  I actually made 2 - one for a girl in my daughter's class and one for a boy in my son's!  The parties were the same weekend.  I am so pleased with the results - as were all the kids!:D


  1. Way to go!!!!! Oh my life I love them!! makes me soooooo chuffed.
    They are both brilliant - but I love the footie one best!!!

  2. Love your cards Elin - they are fantastic.