Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Website

I have finally got round to making some changes to my website after my fab friend Sylvianne suggested using Weebly for designing it etc. It was so simple to add photos and put the text exactly where you would like it! It is still in its infancy and I know I must work on the photos very soon. They were taken as reminders for me - I am awful at remembering what I have made before! Then I will work on adding a shopping cart and pricing.

Could I ask you all a favour please? Could you cast your wonderful crafty eyes over it and tell me what you think? What have I got glaringly wrong (I know I don't have full company details on yet but up to know I don't take orders)? What do you like in the layout? How can I improve it??

Oh! You'll need to know where it is won't you?! Elin's Cards Thank You!

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