Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Belated Happy Christmas!

And an early Happy New Year!! LOL

Hope Santa was good to everyone! I was a lucky girl and got some crafty stuff. I haven't had much time to use it yet with making up kids toys etc but I will! I'm giing myself till the 2nd January 'off' crafting as we have things on till then. Then it will be all systems go to re-stock for the stall for early February. I need to get that done as I then have to decorate the living room, dining room and craft room ready for a new carpet. The craft room will be a nightmare as all my craft stuff will have to be packed away and moved out of the room! It's such a big job that I'm not really relishing the idea. I may have a quick look in Ikea for new storage while I'm at it.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a very happy new year. I'm not one for making resolutions but I will try to post more things to my blog!


  1. Hope you had a fab Christmas Elin. Sounds like you are going to be as busy as I am. The housing are coming to fix the house in the new year :O livingroom and 2 bedrooms need sriped for them starting to line the walls :( the thought makes me weep lol I too will have to pack up my craft stash. Maybe try and have a meet up for lunch some time with you, mum & Maggie after the New Year :D

  2. Beautiful cards ! Hope you had time to relax over the Christmas ! I'm new to blogging and as yet i have no idea how to use or work it properly ! I suppose i'll get there in the end ...Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely cards ..Melita x