Monday, 2 November 2009

Well, the piggy wands went well. People kept coming back for more! So the wand factory has been full steam ahead for the next few. I'm trying to make enough for the next few fairs so I don't need to make any between.

The snowman soup went too. I had a major panic over the mini white marshmallows for replacements though. After hunting everywhere I found that our local sweetie shop had them. I bought 200g and was as happy as anything. I used them up and went back to get some more to find she had sold out!! Panic again! I found a 1kg bag online so was happy, but wasn't sure it would get here on time due to all these postal strikes. So I bit the bullet and joined Bookers cash & carry. What a result! The same 1kg bag but even cheaper! So, I've half used that one and the other bag still hasn't arrived.

Just the one card to show you today. My neighbour recently came back from seeing her daughter in America and brought me some Papertrey Ink stamps! I've wanted some of these for ages but the postage to the UK is extremely high. I'm sure if they brought their postage rates down they would make a fortune over here!


  1. Oh lucky you scrummy. Love it. Asda do the mini marshmallows for SS find thme in the baking section. I got a few bags the other week for mine :D Mwah hope you are well.

  2. I love the idea of the piggy wands. Good to see you are doing the class too. I might manage a few posts, but you know me, things always get in my way.