Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Big OOOpsie!

Please tell me I'm not the only one to have done this. Picture the scene. An email comes through from a charity you have done work for before. Could they please order 150 Christmas cards. No problem, says I. I work over the weekend making some samples, working out costings, timings etc. Turn up on Monday morning, chat with the manager who promises to tell me exactly which cards they want after chatting with the staff. Fine! And off I trot a very happy bunny!

The email comes tonight asking for 200 cards!! 3 Different designs. All great. Still with me??

I go into my craft room to start and then realise I can't remember what the cards look like!!! Some silly person (me!) didn't photograph the cards before taking them and leaving them!! So now I have to wait until after school tomorrow to go and retrieve them!

Wonder if I'll learn my lesson and not do it again!


  1. Hee hee yes I have done that before too!!!!

  2. OOOpsie indeed Elin! I don't do card orders... I don't like the added pressure they give me, or should I say give myself! However, I have done this PLENTY of times when putting cards out for sale. Not having a record of a potentially good selling card is a bit of a bummer, spesh as I'm getting older now and my brain cells are depleting! L x

  3. Yip I do this too lol or delete them from the puter lol. Thank you for your kind words on me blog honey. Your the best! Sooo missing our SU classes :( Good luck for your sale too, still mad I can't make it. Mwah xxx

  4. How did you do at your stall honey I was thinking of you on Saturday :D