Friday, 20 November 2009

At last - caught up!

At last, for all of 1/2 a day, I think I'm caught up with stock for the stall and orders! I can have tomorrow morning off without worrying!

For your delights today I'm showing you some notepads I made for an order. The lady who ordered them is a lovely lady and great friend. It is her daughters birthdays tomorrow. Each year for their birthday or christmas she orders notepads and magnetic shopping pads as stocking fillers for them. So, by putting them on my blog I can easily look back next year to see what I have already done!! She also ordered some for other people for Christmas so you'll have to wait till after that to see them just in case they stumble on the blog LOL.

Kirsteen doesn't really like girly pink stuff so these are what I designed. The notepads at the top are inspired by a notepad my SU demo gave me once. The magnetic notepad uses the SU circles stamps - I've been dying to use them!

Kathryn does like more girls things so the magnetic notepad was much easier to make. With the notepads I had enjoyed brushing the edges of the Kirsteen's pads with ink using a duster brush so I did it again for Kathryn's. I used the pocket silhouetttes stamps from SU to decorate the bottom of the notepads.
I delivered them today and was relieved to see they were liked. It's always a worry when you are given free reign with a comissioned project!
Well, I'm off to play some Farmville and Fishville guilst free!!


  1. Super notebooks Elin. My craft stall is on the same as yours lol 5th Dec i was going to pop down to yours :( now i can't. Have a super weekend :)

  2. Aww! You could come on Sunday to see Santa and find me then!