Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Big OOOpsie!

Please tell me I'm not the only one to have done this. Picture the scene. An email comes through from a charity you have done work for before. Could they please order 150 Christmas cards. No problem, says I. I work over the weekend making some samples, working out costings, timings etc. Turn up on Monday morning, chat with the manager who promises to tell me exactly which cards they want after chatting with the staff. Fine! And off I trot a very happy bunny!

The email comes tonight asking for 200 cards!! 3 Different designs. All great. Still with me??

I go into my craft room to start and then realise I can't remember what the cards look like!!! Some silly person (me!) didn't photograph the cards before taking them and leaving them!! So now I have to wait until after school tomorrow to go and retrieve them!

Wonder if I'll learn my lesson and not do it again!

Friday, 20 November 2009

At last - caught up!

At last, for all of 1/2 a day, I think I'm caught up with stock for the stall and orders! I can have tomorrow morning off without worrying!

For your delights today I'm showing you some notepads I made for an order. The lady who ordered them is a lovely lady and great friend. It is her daughters birthdays tomorrow. Each year for their birthday or christmas she orders notepads and magnetic shopping pads as stocking fillers for them. So, by putting them on my blog I can easily look back next year to see what I have already done!! She also ordered some for other people for Christmas so you'll have to wait till after that to see them just in case they stumble on the blog LOL.

Kirsteen doesn't really like girly pink stuff so these are what I designed. The notepads at the top are inspired by a notepad my SU demo gave me once. The magnetic notepad uses the SU circles stamps - I've been dying to use them!

Kathryn does like more girls things so the magnetic notepad was much easier to make. With the notepads I had enjoyed brushing the edges of the Kirsteen's pads with ink using a duster brush so I did it again for Kathryn's. I used the pocket silhouetttes stamps from SU to decorate the bottom of the notepads.
I delivered them today and was relieved to see they were liked. It's always a worry when you are given free reign with a comissioned project!
Well, I'm off to play some Farmville and Fishville guilst free!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

No crafts today..

Not sure if I've done this right you can click on the poster. If I have you should be able to read the whole poster. Basically, come along to the Christmas Ayrshire Arts 7 Crafts fair on Saturday 5th December in the Concert Hall, Troon between 11am and 4.30pm. You can enter the draw to win £75 to spend at the fair and help us raise money for th Parkinson's Disease Society!
I'm so lucky to have this monthly craft fair on my doorstep. There's not many places have them this frequently at this calibre of stalls. The crafts people are so friendly. I look forward to catching up with them each month as well as trying to raise some money from my crafting!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tell me a Story....

Remember when your granny or grandad started reminiscing about times gone by and you were too young to appreciate the stories? Then years later you wished you had listened to them? Journal jars are a way of getting those stories down on paper now to pass down a piece of history. I thought I'd try some journal jars for on the stall. The idea is that you pull a piece of paper out of the jar and use it as a prompt for your memories. A starting place for your story. There's about 100 slips with questions such as where did you first meet, talk about your memories of Christmas as a child, what is your favourite food etc. The jar comes with a matching notebook.

Monday, 9 November 2009

My fabby pal Ali was asking for inspiration for a 100th birthday card. So Ali, here's the style I do for number birthdays. This one is a men's 21st but any number fits. The numbers are made from a sheet I've made of 1 inch squares. It's great for using up all the scraps of papers. For ladies I use a papermania pack of co-ordinating papers and it's gorgeous if I do say so myself!!

It's an A5 card by the way.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

A bit more organised.

I'm having a quick breather from crafting and decided to sort out my photos on my SD card. I need to get a new one as the kids fiddled with it breaking the lock on it. I still have all the photos but now can't add any or delete any!

I found a few of my crafts and have edited them so now I have a small stock to feed you with over the next week or so. See I can be nice sometimes! LOL

The first photo is my version of storing my nesties. I'm getting quite addicted to these things. In my defence I do use them a lot for different cards etc I've stored them in a wee 6x6 album that has page protectors in. This one came from a Heidi Swapp kit from Costco the other year. I cut some cardstock into 6x6, added a strip of strong magnetic tape and then added the names of the sets. Just have to find time to decorate the front now. I find it really easy to use!

The second photo is of my stall at the recent Church Ladies Night. It was a fabulous night with chocolate fountains and wine. There was a fabulous selection of stalls.

The SABP family fair on Saturday was fantastic. Plenty of people through the door, all in the mood for spending too! My children's school table that I helped make the things for did well too. I'm looking forward to hearing how much money SABP raised. It seems as though it may be a lot of money!

The last photo is of a card similar to the one I showed in the last post - just changed the colours a little. I must put this with an envelope and prepare it for sale!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Wow! 2 posts in one day! Please don't faint!!

I've signed up for an online course by shimelle called 'blogging for scrapbookers' The aim is to improve my blogging and maybe even more frequently!! No promises though! It started today - have a look here if you're interested. This is the 3rd or 4th class of Shimelle's I've done. I can't wait for the Journal Your Christmas one to start again.
Well, the piggy wands went well. People kept coming back for more! So the wand factory has been full steam ahead for the next few. I'm trying to make enough for the next few fairs so I don't need to make any between.

The snowman soup went too. I had a major panic over the mini white marshmallows for replacements though. After hunting everywhere I found that our local sweetie shop had them. I bought 200g and was as happy as anything. I used them up and went back to get some more to find she had sold out!! Panic again! I found a 1kg bag online so was happy, but wasn't sure it would get here on time due to all these postal strikes. So I bit the bullet and joined Bookers cash & carry. What a result! The same 1kg bag but even cheaper! So, I've half used that one and the other bag still hasn't arrived.

Just the one card to show you today. My neighbour recently came back from seeing her daughter in America and brought me some Papertrey Ink stamps! I've wanted some of these for ages but the postage to the UK is extremely high. I'm sure if they brought their postage rates down they would make a fortune over here!