Tuesday, 22 September 2009

How do you keep track?

My blog isn't that old and I'm already losing track of what photos I've posted already! How do you remember which ones you have posted? Any hints & tips are graetfully received!

Today I have a set of wedding stationary to show you. These are relatively simple with lots of heat embossing & gold cardstock. The stamps are Stampin up - Baroque Motifs I think.

My craft space is a right tip as I'm in the depths of christmas crafts. It's a fine balance between having the right number of christmas cards to sell and having too many. I've found that people don't really want to purchase hand crafted cards as they are expensive in relation to a pack of 10 cheap christmas cards. But, there is still a market for the 'specials' to immediate family etc. On the flip side, if I have any left over that saves me buying some or making more!


  1. wow they are lovely, and christmas on the go too impressive x

  2. They are lovely, on the how do I keep track, I resize all my photos before putting on my blog and then once they are resized I put them in my pictures in my blog folder and then I have separate folders within that for 12 x 12 pages, mini books etc. That way if I'm not sure I can pop along and have a look to make sure I'm not duplicating, the other way to do it is obviously to post it as you've done it! Therefore if it's not new you can assume it's already on your blog!

  3. Picasa keeps a library of the photos you add to your blog. Occasionally after you upload a post, a note pops p to offer you the chance to visit your album..I'm guesssing that you would only need to log in with your blog name etc..

  4. Helllo you!!! I didn't know you were blogging. If it's not you i sincerly apologise and have mkade a right yahoo of myself lol. Fabulous stationary. Black and gold are so rich looking, just gorgeous.