Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Yey! The kids went back to school today! I get a day of freedom to play with my friends and go out for lunch! Then Brownies started back too ao that was another hour and half of fun. (I've been a Brown Owl for almost 20 years!!)

Onto some cards & stuff! This is a couple of sets of notelets I made for the stall. The square ones are 4x4 inches. I really like that size as they are good for thank you cards etc - you don't have to write an essay to fill them! The others are a set of A6 flat notecards I designed with my elderly neighbour in mind. She loves sending notes through the post still - a dying art I think!

These are a couple of chipboard hanger for my kids. The used scraps of paper, paint & ribbon I had lying around. I have far too many scraps and should use them all up!


  1. Sending notes and letters through the post - definitely a dying art. I miss not getting aletter from my friend in Scotland now and then - we do it via email now and it's notthe same, quicker but not like opening up a real physical letter.

    Your note cards are beautiful :)

  2. I love these
    fabulous idea,
    sure they will love them

    thanks for your lovely comments on my blog

    crafteresa x

  3. Wow - what beautiful things. I love that your neighbour sends notes through the post - I do try to do this as much as I can, as I know how wonderful it is to get something unexpected through the post that isn't a bill!

  4. Elin,
    I love the little notecards, they are really special. The chipboard hangers are a great idea too and they look fab!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, they are very much appreciated.
    Karen xx

  5. Back to school nooooo. When the kids go back to school, so do I! Lovely projects.

  6. Love the chipboard hangers, the notecards are beautiful too.